The Silva Method of Stress management and Mind development

Budapest, 2022. július 2-3., 9-10.


Szebb Életért Központ

Budapest VIII. ker.
Fiumei út 4.


2022. július 2-3., 9-10. (hétvégék)

Az oktatás az első napon reggel 9-kor kezdődik, és fél 8-tól várjuk a jelentkezőket.
A 2., 3. és 4. napon fél 9-kor kezdünk.


Domján Andrea
Agykontrolloktató felnőtteknek
Andreáról itt olvashatsz többet.


The four-day foundation course to all personal and mental development available since the 1960s.
With the Silva Method you can improve your memory, study-skills , health, wealth, emotional well-being, even your sixth sense! How? It’s all there inside you already. All you have to do is get rid of the rubble that has piled up over your amazing abilities. The Silva Method will help you find the hidden treasure within. Besides, the road taking you there is like a bed of roses.: Full of beauty, full of fun. The metaphor is not perfect though, as roses come with prickly thorns, but with the Silva Method, there will be none. So, it’s all good news! Too good to be true? Not at all! Get ready for the best possible you!
Here is the detailed programme of the four days:

Every day there will be 6 parts with 2 short breaks in the morning, a longer lunch break, and 2 short breaks in the afternoon. Each session will include a presentation and a relaxation exercise.

DAY 1:
1. Introduction to the benefits of relaxation
2. Mental housecleaning
3. Memory and developing visualisation and imagination
4. Health benefits of deep relaxation
5. Positive thinking and formula type techniques for going to sleep, waking up and staying awake
5. Mental messages
DAY 2:
1. Reaching goals with the Mirror of the Mind technique
2. When you need help suddenly: the Three Fingers Technique
3. Headache Control and Dream Control
4. Instant painkiller: Glove Aneasthesia Technique
5. Making a decision: Glass of Water Technique
6. Giving up bad habits and building new ones: Habit Control
DAY 3:
1. Developing intuition using imagination: a journey inside one’s home (inanimate matter)
2. Metals (inanimate matter)
3. Plants (animate matter)
4. Animals (animate matter)
5. Creating the Laboratory
6. Creating imaginary counsellors in the Laboratory
DAY 4:
1. What exactly is the Case Study?
2. Developing intuition using imagination: the human body
3. Getting ready for the intuitive Case Study exercise
4 – 5. Demonstration of the Case Study exercise and practising in pairs
6. Emotions and health: Forgiveness

To reserve a place, please, send an e-mail to silva.method.hungary.andrea.domjan@gmail.com


Normál jegy – 4 nap:
Felnőtt: 60 000 Ft
Diák és nyugdíjas: 48 000 Ft

Ismétlő napijegyek:
Felnőtt: 10 000 Ft
Ismétlő napijegy vásárlása előre, az agykontrollos igazolvány felmutatásával lehetséges.

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